Container Exercise - Meditation Example

May 17, 2024

Introduction to the Container Exercise

Below is a short audio mediation. I created this container exercise to help you center yourself and relax.

I've also attached a transcript for your convenience.

Container Exercise Transcript

I. Sit back, relax, close your eye if comfortable. 

2. Notice sitting in the chair, notice the texture of the fabric, the cushion at your back. Notice how your body feels. 

3. Allow your attention to notice any disturbance, any tension or discomfort you are feeling. Allow it to show up as color. Could be one color or many. Notice where inside the color 


4. Begin to gather all these pieces of color together. Notice how all the pieces easily adhere to each other, easily come together in a group. 

5. Bring all the pieces of color together into one group. 

6. Scan inside again looking for any other pieces of color that are remaining and bring those into the group. 

7. And just scan one more time to look for any pieces of color that are remaining. 

8. Take this group of color and shape it into a ball and notice that it easily takes that shape. And then take that ball of color and compress it into a easily moveable size, noticing that it easily compresses. 

9. Now I want you to think about where you can put this ball of color that is safe and secure, but away from you. Pause. Where would you want to store it? 

10. Now, put it in that place; look back at it. Does is feel safe and secure? 

II. Notice that it is there, safe and secure and away from you. 

12. Bring your attention back to my office.